Throwback to Snow Days in Burnsville Minnesota

It seems like it NEVER happened when I lived there. It NEVER seemed to happen when I went to school there. 


You would sit as close as you could to that TV screen crossing fingers and toes that your school would scroll across the bottom of the screen and when it did- it was like your birthday come early! 

I found these gems from my past- the few days I owed Mother Nature a BIG thank you. NO SCHOOL!

Classic. Dad and his snowblower. 

He was the master of the snow and when I was young... I truly believed it. He would make the Tim Allen grunt noises ARR ARR the entire time. The snowblower gave him his man card (for a few hours at least). 

these are some of the best people I have ever known and a snow day meant tubing down Neill Hill. 

THEN: Just a bunch of Burnsville High Schoolers making memories and trying to stay out of trouble. 

NOW: One of them has 4 little girls + one of them has 3 boys + one lives in Switzerland + one is on the Burnsville City Council + one travels the world in a van with her man + one is a first time father + one is a Daddy who builds big buildings + one has three little red heads at home and one is on the radio in the morning. 

so much love.

After more than a foot of snow dropped on a Sunday night we woke up with a mission. 

This Frosty took all day. Mom supplied the endless hot chocolate. Dad supplied the ladder, umbrella hat and overall strength.

We have never been more proud of our snow day accomplishment ::EPIC:: 

Have fun today kids! A snow day in Burnsville doesn't happen very often. TAKE ADVANTAGE and call me if you are making any snowmen. I'll be there with cocoa in hand. 

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