MLB Umpires Made 34,294 Incorrect Ball and Strike Calls Last Year

Ok baseball fans... does this piss you off?

A new by BU looked at the results of nearly 4,000,000 pitches from the past 11 MLB seasons, and here are some of the things they found out:

1. Last season umpires made 34,294 incorrect ball and strike calls. Yes... that averages out to 14 per game.

2. Are umpires influenced by count? YUP. When there were two strikes, umpires were twice as likely to call a ball a strike.

3. Does experience matter? The 10 most accurate umpires last season were 37.8 years old on average... with 6.3 years of experience. The 10 least accurate averaged umps? Those averaged 56.6 years old, with 23.1 years of experience.

4. And of those 10 accurate umps, none were selected for last year's World Series. In fact, Ted Barrett, who was the crew chief in the World Series and has 20 years of experience, was ranked as the worst umpire in 2018... with a bad call rate of 11.5%.

5. Last season 55 games ended with incorrect ball-strike calls.


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