How Close Is "TOO CLOSE" Living Near Your Parents?

Living somewhat close to family is good. Especially when you need a free babysitter. But TOO close can be a problem. Especially if it's your parents.

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans if they'd want to live within walking distance of their parents . . . and 57% said NO WAY. Here are five more stats from the survey . . .

1. What's the ideal distance? The most popular answer was a 15 to 45-minute drive. That's close enough to see them whenever you want . . . but far enough away that they can't pop in all the time.

2. 38% said living within five minutes of their parents or in-laws would stress them out.

3. 37% of people wouldn't want ANY of their family members to live close enough to drop by unannounced.

4. The top family members we WOULD want to live close to are our siblings. Or if you're old enough, your adult children. Parents were third, followed by our in-laws, and a spouse's sibling.

5. And finally, 52% of people in the poll said they'd freak out if they had to take a road trip with their parents and the radio was broken.

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