The Best Drinking Games to Play Outside this Weekend

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend, so get outside, enjoy the sun, and as Morgan Evans would say, "get a little day drunk." These are some of the best outdoor drinking games:


Add in a drink for every total miss and a another drink for every deflection!

Polish Horseshoes:

You've got the frisbee from KanJam, now get some PVC piping... Set an empty beer bottle balanced atop each of the 2 poles, then you throw the frisbee trying to knock the bottle of your opponents pole. Hitting the bottle is three points, hitting the pole and knocking down the bottle is two points and hitting the pole without knocking down the bottle is one point. Play to 21. Want to intercept the frisbee? You can but only using one hand, the other needs to be holding a beer at all times. Don't knock over your own bottle!


This is one of my favorites and it's so easy to set up, all you need is a stump, nails, and a hammer. Everyone circles around the stump, and everyone is assigned a nail. The hammer gets passed around and when it's your turn, start with the hammer pressed down on the stump, lift, and try to nail down an opponent's nail... if you hit their nail, they drink, if you miss, you drink. Last nail standing wins!

Dizzy Bat:

Everyone knows dizzy bat right? Buy a Wiffle Ball set and saw the end off of the bat. Fill the bat with beer, and drink. Put your forhead on the bat and spin... however long it took you to finish the beer, that's how many spins you do. After spinning, someone pitches the empty beer can to the spinner, and they have to hit it! Below are some serious dizzy bat fails:

Slip and Flip:

It's flip cup combined with a slip and slide. Set up flip cup at the end of the slip and slide. Slide down, flip your cup, then the next team member goes!

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