John Legend & Blake Shelton Reveal Taylor Swift Will Join The Voice

Taylor Swift will join The Voice this season.

Swift returns as a “Mega Mentor” to prep the artists before the Knockout Rounds. She last appeared five years ago during season seven of The Voice.

John Legend and Blake Shelton goofed around on Instagram to welcome Swift.They shared a backstage video guessing who could be the mystery Mega Mentor described in the press release as “one of the most successful people in music.” Blake joked that he’s already on The Voice. Then Taylor Swift walked out a dressing trailer.

The four coaches,Kelly Clarkson, John Legend,Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, collect a team of singers. During the Knockout Rounds, two teammates select a song. Swift will offer advice and feedback at rehearsals on how to improve their performance. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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