MN Vikings Ownership Intros eSport Team "ROKKR"

The Minnesota Vikings ownership group WISE Ventures introduced their new eSports team the Minnesota RØKKR which will compete in the Call of Duty League.

RØKKR will be one of 12 teams competing in Call of Duty.

WISE Ventures will be creating a 11,000 square foot facility on the Vikings Lakes Campus in Eagan where the team will practice and compete.

This past summer the group has signed seven players (five starters and two substitutes) to the team: Justin Fargo-Palmer (with the gamer name SiLLY), Adam Garcia (Assault), Adam Brown (GodRX), Alex Carpenter (Alexx), Obaid Asim (Asim), Kaden Stockdale (Exceed), and Devin Robinson (TTinyy).

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