I Went To High School With A Hero

I went to school with a hero and didn't know it then. His cape was a baseball jersey and my kryptonite was his smile. Man, back then all my friends were invincible. We were young + reckless + running around Burnsville with only the worry of winning the next football game. Timmy T was that stud in the hall. A dudes dude and a ladies man. Everyone knew he had diabetes but I don't think anyone knew that's not what made him different but what made him special.

After taking a bad step in his garage, Timmy broke his heel, and it was clear the wound wasn't going to recover. He made a decision I know I never could. He amputated his leg.

Like the game of baseball he loves so much. Some life innings have been hard others home runs. He has a journey ahead of him and this video only shows a snippet of the boy I used to know and the man Timmy has come to be.

You may walk a little different. You may live a little different. But I personally think you, Timmy T, have never looked better. Still reckless + still unstoppable + maybe not as young (me neither).

I can't wait to see him run around those bases soon. With an invisible cape he may not see but everyone around him can.

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