These Leggings Will Make It Look Like You Have A Corgi Butt

Let's be honest with one another. The truth is, we all can't contain our excitement whenever we see a Corgi waddle on by. What's even cuter is their butts, the fluffier the better! Ladies, if you're a fan of Corgis, these leggings are just for you!

A website called is selling all things Corgi butt related. From mugs, to stickers, to phone cases, to tote bags, and towels! The site is even selling leggings that make it look like you have... a Corgi butt!

The leggings come in various sizes and they sell a ton of colors and patterns as well!

The description of the leggings says:

These leggings are an absolute must-have for all you corgi lovers out there. They are extremely comfortable and soft and will never lose their stretch. Everyone loves how well these leggings fit. They are perfect for a work-out, lounging around the house or for everyday wear (If you don't mind people admiring that corgi booty).

These Corgi Butt leggings will cost you about $48 plus shipping!

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