Which States Love Which "Rom-Com's" - Minnesota's IS WHAT?!

His Girl Friday –Popular in Michigan, Minnesota, and North Carolina,His Girl Fridaywas released in 1940. It’s a screwball comedy featuring Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant who play ex-husband and -wife. Grant (a newspaper editor called Walter Burns) tries to stop Russell (an investigative reporter called Hildy Johnson) from settling into domestic life with her new fiancé.

Bringing Up BabyLoved by those in Wisconsin,Bringing Up Baby is our oldest featured film. Released in 1938, it’s another screwball comedy with Cary Grant. But this one also features Katharine Hepburn as impulsive heiress, Susan Vance, who turns straightlaced scientist Huxley’s (Grant) world upside down.

Here is how the rest of the U.S. got romantic: https://www.comparitech.com/tv-streaming/rom-com-popularity-by-state/

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