Minneapolis: Overwhelming Community Compassion

Protests Continue Over Death Of George Floyd, Killed In Police Custody In Minneapolis

The TV news seems dominated by scenes of arson and vandalism and looting. What occurs afterward can be even more dramatic.

The Minneapolis neighborhood that was torched last week received an abundance of support. Organizers of a food drive were overwhelmed when donations far exceeded their expectations. They asked for about 150 food kits. By the end of the day, the community had donated more than 30,000.

The principal of Sanford Middle School, Amy Nelson organized the food drive. They also requested supplies of diapers, detergent and hygiene products. She said, (quote) “We had to do something. The area had become a food desert for these families. Many don’t own a vehicle.”

The community delivered. “Miles of cars” lined outside the Sanford Middle School. U-Haul trucks filled with food and trailers loaded with supplies. The result was that more than 500 families could stock their kitchens with a week of meals.

(The Washington Post)

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