Tim McGraw Reveals the Secret to an Emotional Song

The World Premiere Of "1883" - Arrivals

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TIM MCGRAW revealed the secret to a successful emotional song and how he does it.

In an interview with "Big Machine Label Group", he said, quote, "For me, it all comes from a piece of my soul. Every time I sing a song, I feel like I'm tearing out a piece of my soul, and I want it to feel that way. I don't try to over-sing anything...

"You can tell somebody how you feel, but when you can tell somebody how THEY feel, and they didn't know they felt that way until they heard it in a song or they felt it, I think that's when there's something really special."

Tim also added that he's been fortunate to have made really great songs in his career that have allowed him to find that "emotional well."



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