How Often You Need a Haircut, According to a Stylist

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How often do you need to get your hair cut?? The typical standard time frame is 6-8 weeks, but is that necessary? According to a hair stylist, it might not be for different types of hair.

 Liana Zingarino, a hairstylist in New York City gave Yahoo! the rundown of when you really need to get a trim.

LONG HAIR: every 12- 16 weeks. "This will ensure that you keep your ends healthy and it will maintain your desired length, while keeping the style or layers intact.”

SHORT HAIR: every 8-12 weeks for a cut. “Depending on the length and how you like to keep your hair, it will vary a little by person, but if you have a bob or length haircut, the 8-12 week range is a good amount of time to maintain your style.” 

PIXIE CUT OR BANGS: every 6-8 weeks to maintain the style. Luckily, that most salons offer complimentary bang trims to help you maintain your style between haircuts and it typically only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

CURLY HAIR: trimmed every 12-16 weeks. “Curly hair is typically drier then other hair types, so keeping your ends tidy will not only maintain the health of your ends but also keep your curls more defined and well-shaped.”

TEXTURED HAIR: every 12-16 weeks for a cut. Liana Also suggests, quote, “Ask your stylist if you can come by in-between appointments to get the weight taken out of the back. This will help control your hair and keep the style fresh while your wait for your next full."


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