Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 photos 3.15-3.17

GREEN BEERS. That is how this weekend started. Four leaf clovers, green gear head to toe and lucky charms was the running theme this entire weekend. After all, aren’t we all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?

Thank you to Kip's Irish Pub for letting me dance a few jigs.

My sister. My Best Friend. My Mini-Me is in town! She lives in Europe and when we DO get a chance to be together it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Magical.

(SIDE NOTE: Our family calls us Double Trouble- for obvious reasons)

Saturday morning, we decided to take a mini road trip to one of our favorite towns: HASTINGS.

The antique shops hit this weekend. Old lunch boxes, vinyl records, beautiful glassware my Grandparent’s Grandparent’s had. HOWEVER, the jewel of the weekend::the big find for me were two TROLLS!! A forever favorite toy of mine.

AND in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. What would March 17th be without some homemade Lucky Charms Krispy’s? Sweet treat for sweet weekend!

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