Grilling These 6 Foods Is A HUGE Mistake!

So Bloomberg says that these foods do not belong on a grill. I contend that if you have a gas grill, you can control the temperature better and go LOW and SLOW.

1.  BURGERS?  The fat drips down, the outside doesn't get caramelized and you lose all the flavor.  

2.  Filet mignon.  It doesn't have ENOUGH fat for the grill.  

3.  Pizza.  Most grills don't cook very evenly, and it's also hard to get the toppings to cook right.  

4.  Most types of fish, including salmon.  It tends to do better if you cook it on low heat.  

5.  Pork chops. You lose all that delicious fat.  

6.  Shish kebabs.  Somewhat okay on the grill, but not the way most people do them.  Vegetables tend to cook faster than meat. Put meat on one, and veggies on another. 

Photo courtesy of Rex Roof

Courtesy of Bloomberg


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