These 6 Inexpensive Products Can Help You Get Through The Pandemic

Everyone loves getting new stuff, especially when it's delivered. And it's inexpensive.

These items can make life a bit easier, especially when you have a home office and a home office next to where your kids are "learning" throughout the day.

1. Anti-fog sprayfor people with glasses. Around 10 bucks.

2. Mask extenders, so your ears don't hurt. 4 for $7.

3. Anelectric milk frother. So you can make fancy coffee. $15.

4. Soundproofing stripsYou can do one door for $9.

5. Amask with a clear plastic window, so people can see your mouth. Y $25.

6. Aselfie ring light. They're the easiest way to look better in video calls. About $25. 

Much more about these and other items at BuzzFeed

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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