You're Probably Overthinking These 7 Things In Your Life

For as long as I can remember, I've tended to overthink and ruminate about things that have happened or even not happened.

Fortunately, with age, social cues and some help from friends I have slowly started to realize how much of this stuff just doesn't matter. And boy it sure feels good to type that!

So from Daily Star, here are 7 things that we obsess about and overthink. And so do I. There are more things we over think by clicking here.

1. The best way to back out of plans you made.

2. What to wear.

3. Did something you say sound offensive to other people? (YES! This is HUGE for me.)

4. The exact wording of a text message.

5. Why someone you texted or emailed hasn't responded yet.

6. What your friends think of you.

7. Why your friend never called back.

Psych Central has some great tips for how to deal with this burden and frankly not care about what others think.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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