5 Scientific Myths We Think Are True Because of Hollywood

We've all grown up watching a lot of movies and television. And certain myths keep coming up over and over and then we believe they are true.

Last week my son and I were out walking after dark when we saw something that looked like a stray firework. But it was too isolated to be a firework so we started talking about the possibility of a meteor and wondered if we could find it. I said it might be HOT, which it turns out just isn't true.

So here are some movie and TV myths we've been led to believe over the years.

Meteors are hot when they hit the ground. Not really. They are lukewarm after the heat dissipates in Earth's atmosphere.

Gun silencers work. No. Although they greatly reduce the sound coming from a gun, the gun is still pretty loud.

Truth serum. If you're able to make it through an interrogation, the truth serum isn't going to break you according to the CIA.

Hiding behind a car door in a gun fight. They're designed to be lightweight, not bulletproof.

Using paddles when someone flatlines. CPR is done on a person if they have no pulse.

Here are more movie and TV myths.

Thanks to cracked.com

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