John Travolta And Samuel L. Jackson Are In A New Commercial Together

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pulp Fiction!

The movie which was released in 1994 featured a bevy of stars, most notably John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. As you find out as the movie goes on, they have a very adversarial relationship.

The commercial features Travolta as Santa and Jackson is video chatting with him from his kitchen. According to Today, there are several nods to Pulp Fiction in the clip.

And guess what. I MISSED THEM ALL!

Maybe it was the lack of bad language and all of the other stuff that was in the movie. I just didn't pick up on it. But there's no doubt that Travolta who is now 66 and Jackson who is 71 will always be bonded by this film.

So no, I didn't notice the references to the shake, the hair, shirt or tie. The naughty language reference was obvious.

Although they were in the same movie together in 2003's "Basic", they haven't shared a screen together since Pulp Fiction.

Photo credit: Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for SCAD

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