7 Little Things You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up in 2020

Over the course of the last 9 or 10 months, we've ALL had days that didn't feel right or where we were sad. For some, those days have outnumbered the good days. For me personally, I think I've been sadder on some days than I realized.

Here are 7 things GNN says people are doing to make themselves feel better.

Watch a favorite movie. About half of us have done that.

Snacking. I am really good at this and would be happy to help you out with some suggestions!

Going for a walk. I do that almost every day with the dog.

Call a friend.

Cuddle with a pet. I think the dog cuddles with me though.

Take a nap. I need to be better at this one.

Ask for a hug. Yes, even I have done that.

Some bonus suggestions: bake things like cookies, take a shower and sing while you're in there, and dance.

Photo credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images

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