A Golden Globes Acceptance Speech To LOVE!

I didn't watch the 2021 Golden Globes on TV Sunday night. But I knew there would be some memorable moments from the show.

Jason Sudeikis, a Saturday Night Live alum is very funny and won Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for Ted Lasso.

Some of the winners decided to dress more casually since they were doing the show remotely, including Sudeikis who wore a hoodie. And he didn't seem like he expected to win.

But his message is an important one. He took the main message from a book that he reads to his son. Maybe his co-stars didn't make him the 'best' actor, but they certainly made him better. And there's something very humble about the way that he thanked them.

Photo credit: Handout/HFPA via Getty Images

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