A Free McDonald's McFlurry For You If You've Ever Had This Happen (Wink!)

We are usually at McDonald's a couple of times a week. And my son LOVES McFlurrys. Once in a while I'll get one and I've made this mistake because I forget that I'm not drinking one of the McDonald's DELICIOUS chocolate shakes.

If you've ever mistaken the spoon that's included with your McFlurry for a straw, you're entitled to a free McFlurry. You don't have to sign anything or swear on your mother's grave or promise to give away your first-born if you're not telling the truth. Everyone gets to take advantage of this offer on Tuesday, May 4 on the McDonald's app. Which is one of my favorite apps by the way. Did you know you can earn free coffee?

Photo credit: Denis Egorov iStock