Dave Grohl Absolutely Rocks Out With Smells Like Teen Spirit On Drums!

Dave Grohl sure looked a lot different before forming Foo Fighters.

I remember seeing the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit on MTV and thinking of Nirvana, "what a strange looking band!" But the song's hook was super catchy and of course it changed the course of music, especially for the next decade or so.

This clip is the start of his solo show in New York City as part of a tour to promote his book, Dave Grohl, The Storyteller. He played only a half dozen songs but this is the opener to the show. And frankly, I think it is AWESOME!

The rest of Dave Grohl's set is Foo Fighters songs.

Here is the video of Smells Like Teen Spirit with a young Grohl on drums!

By the way, when Weird Al Yankovic did his parody, Smells Like Nirvana, he hired many of the same actors from the Nirvana video including the janitor.

Photo credit: Eugene Gologursky Getty Images Entertainment

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