Woman Rescued From Sinking Car Stops To Take Selfie

A woman was driving her car on a frozen river near Ottawa Canada. A backyard camera captured her driving at a relatively high speed on the ice.

For the record, while you CAN drive on frozen lakes, river ice is NEVER stable and should be avoided in a vehicle and on foot.

She of course broke through the ice and was able to climb on the back of her car as it was sinking. And as people were preparing to rescue her, she took selfies and reportedly said at the end of the rescue, "that was fun".

I'm still glad she's ok despite her apparent disregard for pretty much everything.

More on this story including the charges against her courtesy of CTV.

Here she is driving on the ice.

Here is the start of the rescue.

The end of the rescue...

Photo credit: FRANK RUMPENHORST/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

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