3 Technology Things You Should Do Right Now In Case You Die

We probably don't think about it often enough - at least I know I don't - but today you need to think about a lot more than just your traditional legacy related things like wills and medical directives.

Most people have an ever expanding digital footprint. What happens to that data when you die? It's funny I was writing some notes on my phone the other day. I basically keep a diary of major things that happen. Since it has a separate password from my phone, I thought about who would be able to see these notes. There might be some nice things I've written about various people in my life.

This NY Post article talks about 3 things you should do.

  1. If you have an Apple account, last year they added a legacy contact that allows a person of your choosing to be able to access your photos, messages, notes and more.
  2. Set up your memorialization settings on Facebook
  3. Set your Google to wipe your history every few months. It's unclear to me why you would need to do this, but I have a rough idea.

Make sure you click on this NY Post article to find out more about your digital space in the afterlife.

Photo credit: Tatiana Sidorova iStock Editorial

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