8 Of The Best Kinds Of Air We Love To Breathe

The sense that draws the most memories for me is smell. Smell always tells you a little bit about where you are and sometimes the history or makeup of the place you are at or even about the person you are with if you are in their home or car.

I was a bit surprised that some of my favorite smells didn't make the list. I would have picked tire stores, bakeries and garden centers.

Here's part of the "The Best Kinds Of Air In The World" list:

Mountain air.

Air at the beach.

In the woods and campfires.

 Air on a hike.

Library air

Recirculated airplane air. (Huh?)

The smell of a concert

The air at home. We love our own brand I guess.

The rest of the list is here: SWNS

Photo credit: Jordan Siemens Stone

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