Check Out This Job Interview Question!

This former big boss at one of the biggest technology companies in the world had an interview question that some people on the internet are giving him heat for.

I love this question. Does it belong in an interview? I'm not sure.

Ryan Salva used to work at Microsoft. He would ask the interviewee to teach him something new in one minute. He would start the timer on his phone and he would proceed to grade the candidate on 3 Cs.

  1. Completeness. Do they finish the lesson inside of one minute?
  2. Complexity. Is it a simple physical trick or is it a more in depth lesson about art and history?
  3. Clarity. Did I actually learn something by the end of the lesson?

Maybe this isn't good for a job interview but I think it could be fun on a date or just to try with your friends.

Photo credit: Photographer is my life.


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