WATCH: Teen Accidentally Swallows Squeaker In Dog Toy

Don't tell my parents but I swallowed a couple of things when I was a kid.

I once swallowed a marble. On another occasion I swallowed a nickel. I will assume they made their way out. But I never told my parents.

This teen didn't really have a choice. You can hear the squeaker and his mom was there when he swallowed it.

He was trying to annoy his mom by squeaking just the squeaker in his mouth. When she couldn't take it anymore she tried to grab it. He ducked to try to avoid have it taken away When he ducked, he swallowed it and it lodged in his esophagus.

He could still breathe but as you can see, he had to get medical attention to get it out. They had to use a general anesthetic to get it out. You can see one nurse doing her best not to laugh but all of the doctors and nurses stopped by to see him!

Photo credit: Adam West

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