The 12 Places You Should Eat In Minnesota In 2017

Eating at all these places in 2017 would be a fun challenge! A website has outlined 12 places in Minnesota where you should eat this year. My favorite part about this list? The restaurants are all over the state! 

I've been to 5 of the 12. How many have you been to? What would you add to the list? For me- Sha Sha Resort on Rainy Lake in The Falls is a must add- but then again- I'm a little bias : )

1. Coffee Cup- St. Paul

2. Choo Choo Restaurant and Bar- Loretto 

3. Brass Rail- Grandy

4. JJ Astor- Duluth

5. Angry Trout- Grand Marais 

6. Mickey's Diner- St. Paul

7. Gordy's Hi-Hat- Cloquet

8. Sea Salt Eatery- Minneapolis

9. Forepaugh's Restaurant- St. Paul 

10. Riverside on the Root- Lanesboro

11. Duluth Grill, Duluth

12. Betty Danger's Country Club- Minneapolis

Gordy's Hi-Hat/Facebook

Amy James


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