PHOTOS: Amy James California Vacation Pictures

Last week, we traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Carlsbad. The first night, we stayed in West Hollywood and went to the famous Comedy Store to see a show- it was super fun!

The next day, we hit Malibu. I didn't pack for the chilly weather so the blazer, sweatshirt and pair of leggings I brought were used daily. My tank tops and sleeveless dresses, not so much...  

From Malibu, we went into the Santa Barbara hills to check out Ye Cold Spring Tavern. You drive and drive up this winding road, thinking you'll never get there, when suddenly there are cars and people EVERYWHERE! Not just people, but a restaurant, bar, huge outdoor grill and band : )

Next stop, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This area was a 180 from Malibu. Skaters, drifters, hipsters and lots of places to get evaluated for a medical marijuana license.   

Venice Beach. Taken from the rooftop of our hotel.

Laguna Beach was our next stop. It's a really cute town, tons of restaurants, shopping and art. We did a lot of hiking. The locals told us it's never this green but they'd just had a ton of rain...

Amy James


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