Peep On A Perch Is Easter’s Elf On A Shelf

Meet the Peep on a Perch, a little stuffed yellow chick that comes with a book telling kids the story of the Easter Peep, who helps the Easter Bunny get holiday surprises ready for little ones.

The story explains that the Peep helps decorate eggs, fill baskets, and watches kids at home, hoping to see them on their best behavior before Easter. The better behaved the kids are, the happier the little chick becomes.

Sound a little like Elf on the Shelf? Yep. The Peep on a Perch can move around the house just like that Christmas Elf and they’re both supposed to emphasize there’s more to the holidays than getting  presents. Want to start this new tradition with your family? Peep on a  Perch is $15 on Amazon.

Source: Real Simple

Getty Images

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