These Are The Top 10 Signs of "Adulting"

If this is the criteria, I'm adulting my tokus off. How are you doing?

Here are millennials' top 10 signs of adulting, according to a new survey...

1.  Having a steady job.

2.  Being financially independent.

3.  Paying a bill on your own.

4.  Paying rent or a mortgage on your own.

5.  Paying for your car on your own.

6.  Making a budget.

7.  Filing your taxes.

8.  Cooking your own meals.

9.  Moving out of your parents' house.

10.  Being on time for work.

Some things that just missed the top 10 are:  Doing your own laundry . . . showering regularly . . . reading news . . . confronting someone directly instead of blasting them on social media . . . and moving out of your hometown.  


(New York Post)


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