Study Finds You Actually Shouldn't Follow Your Passion

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Follow your passion, do what you love...maybe not.

A new study out of Stanford University found that obsessively following your passion ISN'T the recipe for success.  In most cases, it's actually the opposite.  And here's why.

1.  People who only focus on their passion narrow their interests too much, which keeps them from having creative ideas or coming up with new innovations.

2.  And they also don't learn about new subjects or try new things . . . that they might find they like MORE.

3.  When someone's following their passion and they stumble or run into difficulty, it makes them EXTRA depressed.  And that can make them give up and quit.

4.  And finally, when those people DO quit, they're completely lost and directionless.

So what should you do instead of laser focusing on one thing?

The researchers say you should DEVELOP your passion, not follow it completely.  That means you should work at it and stick with it . . . but don't focus so hard that it winds up backfiring.  



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