It Takes Longer Than You May Think for a Woman to Get Pregnant

Pregnant woman holds ultrasound photo on the belly in bed

As women, (the majority of us) spent the first part of our life vehemently trying to NOT get pregnant.

Pop culture, sex ed classes, and concerned parents taught us that having unprotected sex will result in pregnancy, but despite what we’ve grown up hearing, it’s not always that easy. Many women who want to have a baby struggle to conceive for a long time and new research reveals just how long it actually takes the average woman to get pregnant.

A recent survey by the parenting site Channel Mum asked nearly 1,200 parents about how long it took them to get a bun in the oven.

It turns out, the average number of sex sessions they had before getting pregnant is 78. While they were trying to conceive, couples report they got down and dirty about 13 times a month, which means it took them about six months.

Of course, this is just an average. Some women conceive on the very first try and others never do, no matter how many times they go for it. But according to these parents, 78 times is the magic number.

Source:Women's Health

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