9 Etiquette Rules You Can Break

Holding the Door

Times are changing and Romper has come out with a list of etiquette rules you no longer need to follow. Would you add anything to this list?

1. Men Holding The Door Open For Women: The world is becoming more gender neutral so expect to hold your own door ladies.

2. Thank You Note Writing: Since there are so many ways to send your thanks (think emails, texts, or a quick call), you can express your gratitude in other ways.

3. Waiting For A Handshake: At one time, men were told to wait for a woman to extend her hand before extending his. Now, it’s not necessary to wait,

4. Shaking Hands Correctly

5. Sitting To Shake Hands: If you thought that you should remain seated when shaking hands, think again. When it comes to meeting someone new, both men and women need to take a stand

6. Know The Name Game: That etiquette rule went out the window, and now, it’s more appropriate for people to call someone by their given name.

7. Outdated Office Attire: In today’s super relaxed office environment, where casual Friday is almost an everyday occurrence there is no need to dress super fancy.

8. The Order Of Introductions: At one time, the order of an introduction was based on age and gender. Today it usually by hierarchy.

9. Toasting With Alcohol: You might be used to cheersing with a beer or another tasty adults-only beverage, but you don’t have to. Society once viewed it as bad luck if you toasted with a non-alcoholic drink but not anymore.


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