You Can Now Propose With An Engagement Ring Inspired by "Frozen"

Just when you finally got the song “Let it Go” from “Frozen” out of your head, Disney is releasing “Frozen 2.” It hits theaters in three weeks and Zales is coming out with a collection of jewelry to go with the animated film. It includes everything from necklaces to earrings, all inspired by characters from the movie.

And since it’s almost engagement season, the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection

features seven engagement rings, each a nod to sisters Anna and Elsa. A lot of them have snowflake designs, since Queen Elsa can control ice and snow with her magical powers.

Most of this bling costs thousands of dollars, but the Diamond Snowflake ring is the most affordable at $199. And on the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive sparkler is a 1.5-carat diamond ring, which has a more subtle snowflake design and will set you back $6,223.


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