The Perfect Tea For "Dealing With Family"

The holidays can be stressful. Want to unwind? Lipton tea's released a line of “Realiteas” with clever, punny names including “Dealing with Relatives” to help you cope with the stress of the holiday season.

Each flavor corresponds with its fun name - Dealing with Relatives is a Chamomile and Lavender blend to help you handle all those “Are you still single?” questions from family. Other flavors include “Whole Lotta Holiday Cookies,” which is a mix of ginger, peppermint, and fennel to help soothe an upset stomach, and “Holiday Party Overload,” which is a green tea mixed with dandelion, nettle, and grapefruit meant to act as a body detox.

Each Realitea is actually one of Lipton’s year-round Wellness Line flavors, so you can enjoy the benefits all year, just without the funny holiday-themed boxes.


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