The Worst Color To Wear On A Job Interview

If you're hunting for a new job in 2020, what you wear to your interview could affect your chances. And one color in particular could get you rejected . . .

CareerBuilder talked to over 2,000 hiring managers, and found that the worst color you can wear in an interview is ORANGE.

25% said orange makes you look more unprofessional than any other color.

The MOST-professional color you can wear is blue. And black was a close second.

According to the survey, black is the color most associated with leadership. Blue makes you seem like a team player. Gray makes you seem logical or analytical. White makes you seem organized. Brown equals dependability. And red is a POWER color.

The one time it might be okay to wear orange is if you're interviewing for a creative job.

The colors most associated with creativity are green, yellow, orange, and purple. 

Low Section Of People Waiting For Interview On Chair


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