The Fruit Bat Will Be Featured On The Next Quarter

New year. New Quarter.

The U.S. Federal Reserve revealed the design for the new quarter and they are a little batty.

The new coins, which will be released Feb. 3, feature a baby Samoan fruit bat and its mother hanging upside down. The words “NATIONAL PARK,” and “AMERICAN SAMOA" appear on the outer edge of the backside of the coin, along with an inscription of the year “2020.”

“E PLURIBUS UNUM,” which translates to, “out of many, one,” also appears on the quarter’s outer back edge.

Quarters are released as a part of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s “America the Beautiful Quarters Program.”

The fruit bat quarter is representative of the National Park of American Samoa, which is approximately 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii and includes sections of three different islands: Ofu, Tutuila and TTa’ū.

Source:NY Daily News

Photo: Getty Images

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