Four Hacks That Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Furniture arranged in living room

You've probably heard that putting a big mirror in a small apartment can help create the illusion of more space. But here are four more tiny apartment hacks you might not know about . . .

1. Follow the "rule of three" when it comes to lighting. Each room should have at least three light sources. It gets rid of hard shadows and creates more depth.

2. Don't fill every wall with art. Small spaces tend to feel bigger if you leave one or two walls open. When there's too much on the walls, it can feel cluttered.

3. Think about rug size. A tiny rug that's too small for a room can make your place feel smaller than it is. In general, there should be about two feet of space between the edge of a rug and the wall. So if the room is 10-by-12, the rug should be 8-by-10.

4. Create the illusion of taller ceilings. One way to make short ceilings feel taller is by getting extra-long curtains that hang from up ABOVE your windows.


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