Best Commercials of the Big Game

A 30-second spot during last night's Super Bowl cost a cool $5.6 MILLION . . . or about $186,000 per second. So which ones were worth the money?

Well, a lot of them were teased or released beforehand. So there weren't a ton of surprises. But there were a few. 

Here's a quick rundown of the highlights .. .

Planter's had a lot of buzz going in after they killed off Mr. Peanut in an ad last month. And it turned out it was just so they could get in on the whole "baby-versions-of things-are-cute" trend.

The Super Bowl ad hadWesley Snipes speaking at Mr. Peanut's funeral. Then the Kool-Aid Man cried . . . a teardrop landed on the grave . . . and a cute, BABY version of Mr. Peanut sprouted up and made DOLPHIN sounds

A great spot forRocket Mortgage featured a SCRAWNY and BALD version of Jason Momoa. It showed him stripping off his muscles like a fake body suit. Then his real-life wife Lisa Bonet spotted him while he struggled to bench press a bar with no weights on it. The theme of the ad was, "At home, I can truly be myself."

Sam Elliott and his very limber mustache had a dance-battle with Lil Nas X in an ad for Doritos.

The Square Space ad where Winona Ryder goes back to her birthplace of Winona, Minnesota was good . . . even though we knew it was coming.

And Google had an ad where an old guy asked hisGoogle Assistant to help him find photos, videos, and memories of his wife, who'd passed away. Some people found it touching. Others found it unsettling to see Google basically brag about how much of our personal information they're hoarding.

The Bill Murray ad for 'Jeep' with a revival of his movie 'Groundhog Day.' Because when Bill Murray's in an ad, it goes on the faves list.

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