New App Allows Military Trainees to Stay Connected With Loved Ones


When a young recruit heads off to boot camp, they are unplugged from everything.

Sandboxx is an organization that parents and friends can reach out to via their app and get a telegram style letter to their loved ones.

Meek is a retired Marine and is all too aware of what happens in basic training. With today’s young men and women and their connection to their phones, that separation can be tough.

In addition to the letter, loved ones can include a picture from home, a gift certificate to the on-base store and a piece of stationary the young recruit can use to write back.

The app has become very popular. In just the last two years, this small Arlington organization has grown from a dozen employees to nearly 50.

In addition, they now have the ability to ship out a million letters a month, and right now there are more than a quarter-million making their way to boot camps all over the country.

Source:ABC 7 - WJLA

Photo: Getty Images

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