How Much You Should Pay Your Babysitter...

Babysitters are incredibly important to parents, especially if they want a night out away from the kids. So, how much are folks paying people to watch their young tots?

Well, Urbansitter just came out with their ninth annual childcare study, revealing the cost of babysitters across the U.S.

  • Based on a survey of families across 25 cities, the average babysitter rate for one child is $17.73 an hour and $20.30 for two children.
  • The city with the least expensive babysitting rate is Las Vegas, at $10.95 for one child, and $14.63 for two children.
  • Folks in San Francisco spend the most on babysitters, an average of $18.90 for one child, and $22.36 for two.
  • In Minneapolis, on average, it's $13.94 for one child and $14.68 for two.


Photo: Getty Images

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