Amazon Pausing the Shipment of Non-Essential Items

Amazon is taking huge steps to ensure it can continue to deliver the most important products to its customers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company made the announcement in a message to sellers yesterday, saying that it would no longer be accepting inbound shipments of items sold by third parties under the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program unless those products are considered high-priority.

The company notes that it will still be accepting shipments for medical and health products, household staples, and “other high-demand products.” Still, that means that the vast majority of products under Amazon’s umbrella will now be de-prioritized, with no new orders being filled by the company until April 5th.

Amazon says the following categories of items will be shipped as usual:

*Baby Products

*Health & Household

*Beauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances)


*Industrial & Scientific

*Pet Supplies

Now, sellers of items deemed non-essential will either be forced to fill the orders themselves, sending them directly to customers, or wait until Amazon resumes normal operation on April 5th at the earliest. Items already in stock in shipping centers will continue to be sent out, but no new stock will be accepted by Amazon at this time.


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