The 17 Current Peeps Flavors Ranked Best To Worst

Easter chicks

Easter's definitely going to feel WAY different this year. One way to add a little bit of normalcy? Make sure to eat the one Easter treat that everyone sort-of-but-doesn't-really like.

The website just ranked all 17 of the current Peeps flavors from best to worst, if you're trying to figure out which ones to grab.

Drumroll please...

  1. Chocolate caramel swirl
  2. Strawberry dipped in fudge
  3. Coconut dipped in dark chocolate
  4. Chocolate pudding
  5. Party cake.
  6. Original Dipped In Milk Chocolate
  7. Hot Tamales
  8. Cotton Candy
  9. Original Peeps
  10. Pancake and Syrup
  11. Fruit Loops
  12. Sugar Free
  13. Root beer float
  14. Raspberry dipped in fudge
  15. Blue raspberry
  16. Sour watermelon
  17. Fruit punch

I'm not a big fan of Peeps but the people I know who like them, really like them. If you're in that group, do you agree with these rankings?


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