Website Creates A Cocktail For You With Ingredients Already In Your Home

Assortment of Brunch Cocktails, Including Bloody Mary and Mimosas

No more sipping beverages with your buds after work, everyone has turned to virtual happy hours to have drinks and socialize with friends. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a bartender with a fully stocked bar, fancy cocktails are hard to come by. Don’t worry -- there’s a website for that... will help you build a delicious cocktail with just the ingredients you have at home!

You input all the booze you have, any mixers and food ingredients that you think would make a yummy drink, and the website will give you recipes for all the drinks you can make -- with instructions.

Beware, social media influencers have been sharing this secret website with followers and the site has since crashed because of all the traffic. If you can’t log on, don’t worry. They are working on a solution -- and you’ll soon be sipping some fancy spirits that will make all your virtual drinking buddies jealous.


Photo: Getty Images

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