Doubletree's Sharing Its Recipe For Their Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’ve ever stayed at a DoubleTree hotel, you know they give you chocolate chip cookies for free whenever you come and go through the hotel lobby. Well, now the hotel chain is revealing the OFFICIAL recipe for the first time so we can try to DIY them!

DoubleTree explains that many copycat recipes have appeared online over the years, but this is the first time we’re getting the info straight from the source. Some of the cookies’ 13 ingredients are no surprise, like butter, sugar, flour, and chocolate chips. But there are some surprises in the recipe, including rolled oats andLEMON JUICE! But if you’ve tasted one of these cookies, you know how tasty they are, so if they make them with lemon juice, it’s working.

You can check out the recipe HERE to slyly impress your family and friends with how well you can bake cookies!

(USA Today)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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