Stimulus Checks: Tracking Tool's Not Working for Some

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed

While many Americans received their stimulus funds via direct deposit on Wednesday, others didn't and when they tried to use the Internal Revenue Service's tool to track their money, they ran into more frustrations, as it appeared not to be working correctly.

When some users went to check on the status of their payment they received a message that said, "According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time." It then refers users to the eligibility rules on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

An IRS spokesperson said that those messages are popping up because the system is overloaded. Louis Garcia of the IRS explained, "What happened is instead of having an error message or a message saying the system is very busy, it just says your information isn’t in here, that was the default."

Garcia added, "Just be patient, check back later. If you filed last year's or this year's taxes we have your information."


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