What It Looks Like When You Open A 25-Year-Old Can Of Spider-Man Pasta

It's Spring-Cleaning time and for most people that means donating old clothes and cleaning out your closets, but for one 25-year-old it meant FINALLY opening a can of Spider-Man pasta that was as old as he was!

Twitter user Dinosaur Dracula found an old can of "Chef Boyardee Presents Spider-Man" pasta at the back of his parents pantry and because he had nothing else to do during his coronavirus quarantine he decided to open it!

You can see the process of opening the can below, but as you can imagine it was disgusting as the can had corroded on the inside and only left a "brown mass" inside that might have been pasta long ago!

Now if you have any food that says it will "last forever," then you might want to check so you don't end up disappointed like Dinosaur Dracula was!

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