Has Your Diet Gotten BETTER Since Coronavirus?

It occurred to me this week, we've been eating pretty dang healthy at our house. Before you give me an "oh, good for you," let me explain.

I've been cooking a lot of comfort food- lasagna, homemade pizza, cabbage rolls, farmer's breakfasts, cakes, cookies- yes, we've been eating well :)

I've also been making side dishes with fresh vegetables every night, dinner salads and adding as many vegetable to my dishes as I can. Plus, since I'm making them, I know exactly what's in them.

We've also been buying a ton of fruit, cutting it up and keeping it in the fridge. Combine the veggies and fruit with the comfort food and (a good amount of chips and top the tater) I'd say it's overall "not so bad." (to quote Letterkenny)

How are you doing at your house? According to a survey, you may be eating better than you think...I

It seems some have used these unprecedented times to eat healthier. A new British survey found that 61% of respondents say their diets are different now, with 29% saying their eating habits are healthier than they were before. 13% say they are eating more plant-based and 25% say they are eating more fresh produce. 30% say they have learned to make new recipes.


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