Covid: One Million Worldwide Have Recovered

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The COVID-19 pandemic crossed a significant milestone this weekend. The one-millionth person recovered from the infection and was discharged from the hospital.

These one million individuals hold a special place in a new normal. They have the potential to save lives, help find a vaccine and re-open commerce.

Recovered COVID-19 patients are most likely immune to re-infection. They’re the ideal person to run errands for our most vulnerable citizens.

Severely ill COVID-19 patients have been saved by transfusing blood from people that survived the infection. The chief medical officer at American Red Cross, which collects blood plasma, said, (quote) “We are getting anecdotal reports that seem to be very positive. We can be somewhat optimistic about plasma as being an effective therapy.” (The New York Times)

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson donated their blood plasma, which contains antibodies that fended off the coronavirus. Scientists will research these antibodies in hopes of finding an effective vaccine.

(New York Post)

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